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“Guys and Dolls” Cast List January 21, 2011

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Hey guys, here’s our cast list for the 2011 spring production!  Thanks so much to everyone who auditioned, I was wowed by the talent I saw this week.  Cheers to you all.

Sky Masterson: Andrew Morton
Sarah Brown: Annie Hulcher
Nathan: Detroit Alex Tyler
Adelaide:  Caitlin Lane
Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Ryan Oppenheim
Benny Southstreet: Adrian Chiodo
Rusty Charlie: Brian Walter
Lt. Brannigan: Jack Miller
Master of Cermonies: Seth Carroll

The Mission
Arvide Abernathy: Charles Fricke
Gen. Matilda Cartwright: Olivia Coffey
Agatha: Riley Panko
Calvina: Elizabeth Ballou
Martha: Rachel Johnson

The Gamblers
Big Julie: Special Guest
Harry the Horse: Hector Quinones
Angie the Ox:  Dominique Vines
Joey Biltmore: Noma

The Hotbox Dancers
Mimi: Rachel Forsyth
Allison: Lucy Dacus
Ferguson: Courtney Jamison
Vernon: Kaleigh Thomas
Ensemble: Tess Bertonneau, Katie Carney, Veronica Duong, Allie Laroche,  Jillian Miles

Crapshooters/Havana Dancers
Emily Abbey, Caroline Creasey, Eliza Scheibe, Caroline Weakland, Monet Weldon


And Now, the Moment you’ve All Been Waiting For… December 3, 2010

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….the One-Acts cast lists!

So, without further ado:

The Open Door (dir. Mary Sader, s.m. Lizzie Barnett)

Lady Torminster: Helena Barth

Sir Geoffrey Transom: Bradley Zykoski

Heart of Hearing (dir. Abbey O’Farrell, s.m. Annali Slyder)

Josh: Alex Tyler

Angie: Elizabeth Ballou

He Said, She Said (dir. Maria Garavito)

Mrs. Packard: Riley Panko

Enid: Rachel Forsyth

Felix: Brian Walter

Diana: Charlotte Carr

The Black Wedding (dir. Emma Copeland, asst. dir. Niccolo Seligmann)

Yente Basha: Jenny Harlow

Yente Toibe: Annie Hulcher

Yente Velvela: Lucy Dacus

Yente Zlata: Caitlin Lane

Yente Ruchel: Georgina Coffey

Yente Leibke: Sicily Stump

Aaron Naphtali: Olivia Coffey

Hindele Naphtali: Lily Hargis

Demons: Eliza Scheibe, Katie Carney, Samantha Little, Cameron Tarry

Reb Simon: Mackenzie Werner

If you weren’t cast, don’t fret!  We wish we COULD have cast you all, but roles are limited, as always.  Don’t be discouraged, for we have more opportunities for you!  If you weren’t cast, but still wish to be involved, we’re adding a new element to our One-Acts Festival this year: individual student monologues!  These will eat up the dead air in between shows.  If you’re interested, please choose a monologue and be ready to audition Monday, January 3rd.  (Make it less than five minutes, please.)  Also, if you’re interested in stage managing for The Black Wedding, contact Emma.  She for realz needs a stage manager.

Peace out, guys.

-Elizabeth Ballou


MLWGS Drama: Season 2010-2011 September 29, 2010

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I’d like to give everyone an official welcome to the MLWGS drama webpage!  I’m still getting everything all nice and pretty for the upcoming year, but let it be known that this is where you can come to find callback lists, cast lists, calls for volunteers, and all that jazz.

I’m sure many of you are thinking, “But this isn’t ENOUGH!  How can I keep in CONSTANT contact with anything and everything MLWGS drama-related?!”  The answer: join our Facebook group.  Facebook events for auditions, meetings, and shows are routed through that group, so you’re always sure to know what’s going on.  And if anything isn’t clear, you can do one of the following: shoot me or one of the officers an email, find us at school, or ask Ms. Chiodo/Ms. Wise (Topaz).

Our shows this year will include “The Man who Came to Dinner,” the MLWGS One-Acts festival (including a submission to the VHSL One-Acts Competition), and “Guys and Dolls.”  If you are interested in writing or directing a one-act, please submit your script to Ms. Chiodo and Ms. Wise for their approval.

And the information you’ve all been waiting for: everyone got called back!  Callbacks for “The Man who Came to Dinner” are tomorrow at 3:30 in the Black Box.  It’s not necessary to bring another monologue, but be prepared to read excerpts from the show.

So that about wraps everything up for now.  I’m looking forward to a great year with you all.  Cheers!

-Elizabeth Ballou, 2010-2011 Historian


Calling All Volunteers! March 4, 2010

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It’s musical season, which for you means a PLETHORA of volunteer opportunities! We are currently seeking ushers and stage crew to aid in the production process March 17th to March 20th from 5:45 to approximately 9:00 PM. If you (or your friends, etc. the more the merrier) are interested, please send me an email at giving the dates/times you would be able to work. Hours worked go towards satisfaction of your community service requirement, plus it’s fun in general 🙂

So what are you waiting for?! Get to it!


Lookinnn Good! February 6, 2010

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Snow days make it the perfect time to powder up and give ourselves a new do, and here is the 95%  completed page! Bios on directors and our sponsor will be  coming soon along with more photos and etc. Please continue to use this site as a source of information (and inspiration), I mean look how GORGEOUS we are??? How could you not?

Keep up to date with the general going-ons and I will see you back in school soon! (Or whenever that happens)


Message from MLWGSDRAMA February 5, 2010

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“Mrs. Wise is leaving Monday afternoon free for one-act rehearsals.  The cast of Aida should plan to stay after on Tuesday for a read-through and to listen to the CD.  Mrs. Wise should have a preliminary rehearsal schedule ready then.
Now we need to fill the production staff.  A critical character in Aida is the hair/makeup/costumes/jewelry.  The original Broadway production won Tonies for scenic & lighting design and was nominated for costumes – they are a really big part of the show and we need a complete artistic staff to create these looks!  Also on Tuesday Feb. 8, anyone interested in being part of this team should come to search the closets and brainstorm.  Mrs. Wise will have some direction for you before Tuesday’s read through and then the work begins!
Lastly, Tuesday Feb. 8 at 6:30 pm we want to have a production meeting with any students/parents/teachers who are willing to help with any aspect of production.  We will also discuss the schedule at this meeting.  Please encourage your parents and friends to join us.  No skills are required!!
Kristine Chiodo
Mathematics Teacher
I have attached (from Mrs. Chiodo) the cast list and synopsis of the musical for anyone who has not already seen the hard copy. PLEASE READ THROUGH THEM, I’m sure they’re there to help you. The mlwgsdrama wordpress will also be receiving quite the face lift this coming weekend, but it is still functional so check it often (I leave lots of love on there for you guys, appreciate it!) Ok, so continue your studies and get pumped for AIDA!

It’s Me Again… December 4, 2009

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Fellow actors, fans, admirers, and general drama populous:

It has been an incredible season thus far, and minus the numerous congratulations that are due, I would like to notify you on the going-ons around MLWGS.

Of course as many of you know, this year we have an absolutely phenomenal turn-out for the VHSL One-Act competition, making casting no easy task. The list shall be posted in a few short breaths so please CLICK HERE to access the “Fearful Symmetry” information page and then proceed to the cast list. A brief message will follow on the site with the list so please, proceed! 🙂

Also, with the VHSL competitions, the other One-Acts will be casting in a few short months! If you haven’t made your presence known and desire to (maybe you already have?), please come out! (We love to see knew faces, they tend to surprise everyone the most)


so you know whats going, that’s a plus! And now I can leave you for a wonderful calculus filled night 🙂